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Introduction to Restaurant Ninjas

Brief Intro into what Restaurant Ninjas offers

Simple tips to costing and pricing a menu to manage food costs

Chef McKay shares ideas about theoretical pricing versus reality

Manage Food Cost with Menu Tools

Chef McKay quickly introduces his proprietary software that guarantees food cost savings

5 Hiring Mistakes Managers Make

The biggest challenge any entrepreneur has is with staff. Most of those challenges stem back to hiring. Are you hiring smart?

Kitchen ergonomics can make a restaurant more money

Chef Wayne McKay discusses a recent example of a restaurant that focused on simple ergonomics and the impact to the bottom line.

Plate planning vs average customer consumption

The average person consumes 2.5 lbs including fluids during a meal.

Garbage Can Stories

Most restaurants make 5% profit margin. Every $5.00 thrown in the garbage requires $100 in sales to make up for the lost inventory.

A great activity for the staff is to see a garbage audit to find out how much stuff was thrown out that shouldn't have been thrown out (cutlery, j-cloths, dishes, scrub pads, knives).

It can be painful to watch but impactful for employees to change behaviours.

Case Study: Saved $86,000 in five minutes

A restaurant operator had been in business for 20+ years. He didn't think Restaurant Ninjas could help him so he issued a challenge to learn something new in 5 minutes.

Within a few moments, Wayne demonstrated such a simple technique that he helped the client save $86,000 in the first year.

The client took the extra money and bought some toys for him and his children.

Is there $86,000 you're not seeing?

Email us to find out: or

Financial Statements in Restaurants

Need for timely financial reporting is extremely important. This video shares insights and thoughts about past experiences.

Hidden costs that can push up food costs

Wayne McKay, Restaurant Ninja, demonstrates two simple examples how food cost can be managed a bit tighter, saving thousands of dollars each year.