Brian Grinnoneau owns a company called WhizFish Interactive Marketing Solutions. The company helps restaurants use mobile apps to connect with customers on their phones and tablets, making it more likely they’ll spend more, come back more often and refer others.


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Professional Story: Brian was previously in the radio and TV business, first on the marketing side and then in sales and advertising.  After a number of years, he believed he could do a better job himself and left to start his own marketing agency, creating campaigns for clients.  In early 2000, they started building websites and doing SEO. Five years later, the company helped develop a platform for mobile apps. It was difficult, as people didn’t quite get the concept at the time.  Over the years, the technology has become more accepted and Brian transitioned the company totally to digital outreach. 


WhizFish develops apps specifically for restaurants, including loyalty and food ordering components. 


“These apps are game changers for a restaurant; they’ll move the needle in terms of revenue enhancement.” 


He says that mobile food ordering will typically increase the sales volume of take-out orders by about 30%.  This comes down to one thing, convenience, and with the app food ordering can take place in under a minute of the customer’s time. 


Rick notes that customers are creatures of habit, and often order the same food item during each trip to the restaurant. 


Brian’s company designs their apps to be user friendly for both the customer and the restaurant management. 


“They have no time to be trying to figure out some process within the backend of an app” 


According to the National Restaurants Association, 85% of people have ordered food online or with a mobile app at least once, with 50% downloading a restaurant app direct to their device. 


More older people are using mobile devices to communicate with younger family members. A restaurant that is really committed to a good mobile strategy will have their servers help older customers in downloading their app.


Brian encourages restaurants to do upload videos to their own channel (on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), to be integrated into the app. Proactive restaurants will allow customers to submit feedback directly using the app and have management fix issues immediately. 


The company offers three packages to clients: 

  1. Core/Full development of app (scaled down, but with a good number of features including unlimited push notifications) - $695 setup + $39/month 
  2. Premium Package (includes more phone features such as menus, full loyalty program, restaurant review page, etc.) - $1,495 setup + $69/month 
  3. Enterprise Package (has more robust features like mobile menus, sliding images, GPS functions, music files) $2,995 + $99/month 



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