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Naresh Vissa is the founder and CEO of Krish Media & Marketing, a full service media and digital marketing agency. He’s the #1 best selling author of “Podcastnomics”, the book of podcasting that can make you millions and has been featured in US Today, Yahoo, Bloomberg and MSNBC.


His latest book is titled “Fifty Shades of Marketing.” 


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Professional Story: 

“I grew up with the status quo. The advice of my parents was go to college, get a masters degree, get a job at a big company, work your way up then retire”


Naresh went to a top journalism school, wanting to become a sports reporter. He realized half way through college that this would be a difficult profession to get into, and discovered the media industry was reshaping itself as a result of the financial crisis. He was intrigued by finance, and started studying the markets while finishing up his journalism degree. He then attended business school and got experience on Wall Street. While he was finishing up business school, he was contacted by a financial publishing company to start up a new product for them. 


“That was my entry to entrepreneurship. It was the beginning of the convergence of my skills in finance and media.” 


He learned about the online marketing world while with the company, which was one of the best online marketing companies in the world. He eventually left to start his own digital agency and consultancy, helping businesses make money through the digital spaces (marketing, outsourcing, etc.).


Naresh also started several start-ups and is in the process of launching another big data publishing company.


In 2011, podcasting wasn’t as popular as it is today. His company wanted to start a radio show, but due to cuts in that industry, they found that a getting a traditional show would be very difficult. 


“If these old-school media companies weren’t going to choose us, we’ll do it ourselves via a podcast format” 


He helped grow the podcast into a 7-figure business, with three different revenue drivers: subscription for premium content, advertising and by selling their existing products.


The success with this model led to him helping various podcasters start, manager and produce their shows and most importantly, monetize.



Since then, he has worked with about 25 different podcasters in multiple industries. 


His second book, “Fifty Shades of Marketing”, gives a primer on present day digital marketing . Naresh found some of his clients were resistant to doing things digitally, which led to him writing his ideas down in book form. 


“The basic tenant is that everything comes down to direct marketing, reaching the end buyer” 


The cost of advertising on a porn site is one-tenth the cost of advertising on main stream channels like Google AdWords and Facebook.  


“People are visiting the sites because they want to visit them, with high session lengths; approximately 30% of all Internet traffic goes to porn sites.” 


Naresh feels the chasm that we’re facing today is so many businesses were started before the Internet.


“Everything is going digital; being active digitally is so, so important.” 


He feels it’s imperative that restaurant owners have a presence on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Yahoo Local, Google and Google+. 


“Just being on these places will keep a door open to your restaurant being found. Don’t worry about the revenues yet, the first step is just being there. 


After about 30 reviews, the quality of them becomes more important.


“Simply ask your customers to write a review online of the food and of your restaurant” (he recommends to give away a freebie)


He also says it’s extremely important to have a website, which legitimizes your business, and to build a mailing list by having people sign up for a free newsletter.


Finally, in addition to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, restaurant owners should take advantage of Instagram and Pinterest by posting pictures of the food they serve.


Rick mentions that testimonial videos, taken after the meal and posted to YouTube, can be very powerful in building a following as these videos can be shared within networks. 


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