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Chris Miles is the “Cash Flow Expert” and a leading authority on how to quickly free up and create cash flow for thousands of his clients, entrepreneurs and others internationally. 


He’s an author, speaker and radio host that has been featured on US News, CNN Money, Entrepreneur on Fire and other shows.


He has spoken to thousands, getting them fast financial results. Chris truly is “the” financial advocate for the entrepreneur. 




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Professional Story: Chris originally majored in Sociology and majored in Psychology and minor in Psychology. However, he wanted to be a business consultant and to do that, realized he had to obtain real life experience in business. He was a financial advisor for four years, but found he wasn’t helping clients enough and getting them to the place they were hoping to be, with the products he was selling. In March 2006, he quit and invested in being coached by successful entrepreneurs. In four months, he was able to retire with $2,000 in his bank account, by generating streams of income that exceeded his expenses.


“I realized pretty quickly I was just a product peddler in a suit” (on being a financial advisor)


“I teach people that cash flow creates freedom; it’s not about how much you make, but it’s how much you keep, and make on top of it” 


“I’m looking to create a whole strategy of how we create cash flow today, not 20, 30, 40 years from now” (on his “Money Ripples” business)


“I believe people should invest in their businesses, because that’s where they’re going to make the best rate of return. The richest people in the world invest in their businesses” 


“Invest in what you’re passionate about, even if the rate of return will take some time” 


Dark Days: Chris retired as an entrepreneur in 2006, but came out of retirement the next year to partner with a few people who also helped entrepreneurs create cash flow. They focused mainly on real estate investors, but the market crashed. At this time, Chris had invested heavily in a new office, and his finances were tied up in his own real estate investments.  He calls this his “perfect storm”, as his personal and business expenses were losing $16,000 per month. During this difficult one and a half to two year period, Chris lost everything, including his family home, to a bank foreclosure.  During this time, he had to get resourceful and creative, developing a system to help others find money they didn’t know they had. Several influential entrepreneurs implemented his strategy with great success, helping Chris recover from the difficult time.


“Even though it was a crappy situation, it had to happen for a reason. My hope was whatever struggle I was going through, it would bless someone’s life” 


“I had to really detach myself from the things in my life” 


“That’s the crazy thing. I lost it all, but the big lesson I learned is that it didn’t change me. I was still who I was, and I was hiding behind those things” (Chris credits his integrity and family for pulling him out of this situation).


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