Jeannette Seibly has delivered “straight talk with immediate results” to business owners and executives of $1MM to $30MM enterprises for the past 20 years, achieving dynamic results. Along the way, she created three millionaires.

Her book, Hire Amazing Employees shares how to setup a strategic hiring system and use all the tools legally available to collect the information required to hire right the first time.




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- Jeannette has advised business owners of $1 Million - $30 Million enterprises for several decades.



- She's created a number of millionaires 



- Her book "Hire Amazing Employees" helps employers hire right the first time!



- 63% - 79% of employees are in jobs that they don't like 



- "I share how I had a turnover rate well below the industry average on today's show!" 



- "Learn how restaurant owners can hire better on today's show!" 



- "Get good qualified information about the job candidate!" - Jeannette Seibly 



- If you're only using the interview to hire, you have a 14% chance of a successful hire!



- "Jeannette talks about the phone interview strategy in her interview on Restaurant Ninjas!" 



- "Jeannette Seibly talks about the high cost of employee turnover ..."



- Learn the "Knock Out Questions" that restaurant owners should know when hiring .... 



- "Make sure you have the right general manager!" - Jeannette Seibly