"Torn together" is the memoir written by today's guests, Shaaren Pine and Scott Magnussen, detailing Scott's substance abuse recovery and the movement that it started"

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Talking Points:

  • "Scott and Shaaren talk about their "Restaurant Recovery Program" on today's show!"
  • "We discuss liability issues for restauranteurs in this interview"
  • "Employee handbooks are key for the success of your #restaurant!"
  • "Today's guests hire people who are "moldable" instead of based on experience!"
  • "Shaaren Pine gives some great tips on how she hires with Craigslist and interviews!"
  • "Over 17% of #restaurant employees have a drug or alcohol problem. Hear how you should handle it as a business owner"
  • "Hire well ... and fire well!" - Shaaren Pine and Scott Manusson on today's Restaurant Ninja's!"