David Barnett is a graduate of the Williams School of Business and Economics at Bishop's University, and a graduate of UNBSJ's Electronic Commerce Management Program. Since the late '90s, Mr. Barnett has been building his profile as an expert in the field of small and medium sized enterprises. Over a 3 year period, Barnett helped intermediate 35 business buy/sell transactions as a business broker.

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Talking Points

"Hear why today's guest won't order beverages in restaurants while travelling!"

  • "Dave Barnett tells us the biggest succession planning issue for restaurant owners (it's not what you think!)!"
  • "Dave Barnett explains "Dead Capital" on today's Restaurant Ninjas podcast!"
  • "Today's guest explains the difference between an entrepreneur and an investor"
  • "The terms of sales are the most important part of a restaurant sale!" - Dave Barnett on today's Restaurant Ninjas
  • "Learn how buyers employ leverage when buying restaurants"
  • "We talk about Vendor Take Backs on today's podcast!"
  • "Start running the business as though you were managing a big chain"
  • "Dave Barnett is going global! Hear how he's doing it on today's Restaurant Ninjas"