Rick holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Business. After completing his first degree in Accounting, he entered the corporate world as a “bean counter”. He segued into marketing and wound up purchasing media campaigns and selling advertising programs to large multi-million dollar companies.

After a successful string of hits with a prominent advertising agency, Rick left marketing to pursue his true passion – Entrepreneurship. Armed with a passion for eating and a desire to own a business, Rick took the plunge and flipped bacon & eggs for six months to make sure he would enjoy his new career and would know the operation from the ground up.

For the next 8 years he owned and operated 2 highly successful restaurant franchises.  

Having peaked as a franchisee, he sold the businesses so he could focus on combining all his skills to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals and dreams. He doesn't believe in band-aid solutions. He does believe in business fundamentals applied consistenly.

When he’s not creating customer experiences for clients, Rick enjoys football, hip-hop music and spending time at the centre of his universe with his wife, Aline, and their two children.

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Wayne McKay has worked as an Executive Chef and Corporate Food & Beverage Cost Controller for a major international hotel consortium and The World Trade and Convention Centre before developing proprietary software called Menu Tools.

Chef McKay’s passion, unlike most Chefs, is the business end of the business. Even with delicious food and many customers, many food service operations cannot make ends meet.

Assisting operators and new start-ups with business practices specific to the food service industry, is his strength. Chef McKay has been successfully providing food service consulting to restaurants since 1997.

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